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Do I need a PayPal account to use a card at checkout?

Nope! It's just a platform to process cards. If you select PayPal you will find a log in page, but below you can select pay with a card. See photo below.  


Why are there asterisk in the ingredients?

 We don’t add any of those ingredients, so until we have our own factory of some sort, it kind of is what it is. 


The almonds are flavored, so the oils etc. that are listed come with your standard flavored almond . Unfortunately, we have to list it, as it's in the ingredients that we use, but luckily we add no added oils. 


The vegan protein powders is a similar situation. Though those ingredients are in the vanilla protein powder, we add straight pea protein on top of it to mellow out that protein-y flavor. We like to think we hit the sweet spot.


We would love nothing more than to be able to take those ingredients off the list, but we’re a small company it’s not plausible for me at this time.

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